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2020 Lottery Numbers Dream Book (eBook, ePUB)
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Picking Winning Lottery Numbers can be hard. Many people have complicated mathematical systems that use historical data (maybe a birthday, or what they are lucky numbers). Some people use the same numbers every time they play. Others just let the system spit out random numbers. Very often the results are disappointing or totally random.This book goes back to the grand tradition of fusing our own dreams and modern numerology-coding this dream imagery into usable, meaningful numbers.For instance, are you dreaming of Pizza every other night? Well this could mean something (apart from waking up hungry every morning!). Why not use this in your choice of number? The tables in this Modern Lottery Dream Book will give you something usable from that dream to actually use in the Lottery of your choice. The number to choose for Pizza would be 65 if you are playing Power Ball. In this book, you will Learn how to remember your dreams Learn how to Transcode Proper Nouns Create complete sets of Lottery Numbers from your Dreams Over 1000 common items included - all with their own numbers ** While no Winning is Guaranteed, this book can make the numbers directly connect with your dreams. Tables and descriptions valid for Mega Millions (US), Powerball (US), Lotto 649 (Canada), UK National Lottery (UK), OZ Lotto (Australia), Euro Jackpot (EU) and Euro Millions (EU).

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