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New Millennium Lotto Strategy: Breakthrough Dis...
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This book contains 900 ready-made 6/49 Lotto Distribution Wheeling SystemsTM arranged in three catalogs of 300 systems each. The systems chosen for this book are the first part of a global project that is meant to be a comprehensive, abbreviated Lotto wheeling net of systems covering all statistically important values and giving the player the very best chances of winning. Like the enchanted fish of the fairy tale, this book grants three wishes to the Lotto players: 1. To include more numbers in the abbreviated wheeling system, 2. To pay for the least number of combinations, 3. To have the best guarantees of winning the top prizes. The whole philosophy is reasonable, logical, and simple, and no extra knowledge is needed to understand its values. When choosing Distribution Wheeling SystemsT, the player tries to choose a distribution of numbers that will match the pattern of the winning numbers. Since there are very few statistically important distribution patterns, the player's job is simple and easy. And when the chosen distribution pattern matches the winning distribution pattern, the system guarantees that the player will win top prize. Even if the winning distribution pattern is partially matched, the system reaps the most winnings possible, given the player's hits and the misses.

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